PT.Asimetris Data Sentosa

PT. Asimetris Data Sentosa is an advanced Information Technology company providing convergence of information and formulation of strategic business processes. Our focus is about Converging of data into a single interface window Streamlining for critical data viewing.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to converge information from different system applications on a single Workflow Orchestration Engine platform to gather all critical data and display them in a single screen.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the latest Information Technology solutions that are:
  • Mission #1: Applicable for today’s operating eco-systems.
  • Mission #2: Reliable in its operations to serve the day-to-day company’s operation.
  • Mission #3: Cost Effective for the company’s investment.
  • Mission #4: Secure for the company to store and access the data.


PT.Asimetris started more than fifteen-years ago with the objectives of bringing solutions to the IT Development for the Enterprise. As the infrastructure technology matures, Asimetris developed several web-based distributed computing, and at the same time, noticing that many organizations suffers from methodology for development, operational and system maintenance.


In the year 2000, Asimetris starts to agressively promoting the next generation of software development methodology and tools from Rational Software. In 2003, when the Rational Software brand is acquired by IBM, Asimetris became the IBM Business Partner specialising in the Rational Software Brand, which is one of the most important pilar brand in IBM Software. Over the years, we had many implementation experience, unparalled success, helping customers achieve their investment objectives in Software Technology. Today, Asimetris is recognized as the Premier Business Partner for the IBM Rational Software brand, and continually harnessing the power of new software technology, including open-source, to achieve better results.