Customer References

Our main consulting purpose in BTN is to provide a roadmap for testing. The question is to managing an end-to-end testing, starting from identifying the applications for testing; coming up with the test plan, qualify the testers as the testing teams, and the testing execution.

Very often PGN did not provide proper standard documentation when applications are developed. At the same time, management could not monitor the on-going projects and work-tasks in IT. When applications are fully developed and run, auditor requires IT to provide information that must be investigated and re-draw from the previous activities.

Telkom is promoting the growth of revenue and profit through diversification of telecomunication-related products offered into the domestic market. In order to search for the "Next Killer Product" supporting the revenue growth and increasing the profit margin.


PT. Asimetris is the vendor of choice for IT Services and Implementation in BNI. Throughout our company history, we have provided many satisfying services for BNI.

With the recent acquisition of several IBM Rational Software products, ICON+ is on its path becoming one of the technology-based IT service provider for the government.

YKK requires a platform for secure access from the customers into the internal system. Since most of the customers are not within the fiber-optics internet back-bone, performance is also a concern. YKK management need to maximize their investment in the current system, and will not develop a new application system interface to access into their system.


PT Asimetris is the premier partner for IBM WebSphere Commerce. Our flagship customer is now the web brand “” – the largest e-retailer and digital mall in Indonesia with millions of hits and page-views.

As one of the largest IT Provider for domestic and international airports world-wide, Aerosy requires a process based development with precise work-assignment, timely-delivery, and well-tested systems.

Software development organizations are facing increasing pressure to promptly deliver high-quality software aligned with continuously evolving business objectives. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve because of several factors.


The challenge is to reduce the risk in deploying the very core system for the country-wide clearing system. Several areas of the application is not very well developed to handle growing banking transactions.

A very comprehensive testing procedures using the very latest tools in application testing, Astra requires a complete overhaul of the application testing to ensure smooth operation of the running IT systems in the its company-wide deployment.

Providing consultancy to design a new Change Management workflow accomodating complex organisation structures. The most difficult challenge is to overcome the organization's lack of skills in managing software release.


Andrew Tani is a management consulting company that provides project management to its clients. PT. Asimetris had the prvilege to work with Andrew Tani providing the system to monitor the client’s project.

Kalbe Group operates the production and sales of medicines. Due to participating of different groups of users in the business processes, the number of requirements are extensive.

With the increasing complexity in Logica CMG (LCMG) operational implementation for PT. Natrindo Telekomunikasi Selular (NTS), the demand for premium support is increasingly critical.


Due to unmanage system development, Trikomsel requires standard documentation standard.

Our objective is to automate and provide tracebility for all software testing related activities. The previous process in CIMB Niaga is manual paperwork. We came up with a proposed workflow that increases the efficiency of the current process. The workflow incorporates the software tools that integrates the testers; project managers and developers.

PT. Charoen Pokphand Indonesia Tbk. (CPI) requires an upgrade to its Human Resource System. The new system must be able to provide comprehensive reports, data analysis, and detailed employees data.


Siemens' R&D department in Singapore required that all of their R&D development projects were made transparent to all employees. The company needed to provide an online project request system with auto-email alert; centralized development process; and built-in monitoring system for the management.

PNM requires a third-party evaluation for the application developed by its internal development team. PT. Asimetris work with the development team to improve PNM’s software system quality.

ACA requires the web front interface to access the common functionality for its core insurance system running in the IBM iSeries (AS/400) system. Our objective is to enable the internal IT team to work on the IBM Rational HATS to transform the existing green-screen application to a web application.


PT. Asimetris is the vendor of choice, providing consultancy for project management; division of responsibilities; and communication mediums for various roles in some of the projects within PT. Prudential Life Assurance (PLA) by introducing a set of best practice into the organization.

PT. Taspen is a government pension-fund organization that relies heavily on Information Technology to run its business. PT. Taspen implements a large data center serving many types of applications and running a very complex system across its branches into remote areas. Problems are always present when an organization operates such a large scale system.

IT in Direktorat Jendral Pajak (DJP) is responsible to provide advanced system technology information and communication. One of them is the ability to provide application systems to support the business of tax collection within DJP. In terms of application system development, a framework must be provided to the developers in order to start working on developing the system rapidly.


Provided IBM xSeries servers - innovation with enhanced reliability and availability features to enable optimal performance for databases, enterprise applications,and virtualized environments that CircleK required.

Portrade Malaysia needed a team of System Analyst to document their Technical Specification in Use Cases. Portrade was building a large Port Management System with modules covering different areas of accounting and finance.

Telkom Flexi was at its initial setup to provide the first CDMA telecommunication network in Indonesia. PT. Asimetris helped to setup the asset management tracking and business process enablement in the organization.


BCA is rolling out the Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to a very large user based. BCA requires appropriate sizing of the hardware to meet the performance requirement of the application.

NITTSU LEMO is a logistic and transport company based in Japan. The operation in Indonesia requires a new system replacement.

PT. Indosat (prev. Satelindo) required Call Data Records (CDR) handling system. The challenge is to reduce the processing time from the sources located in several sites. Our solution provides an auto-transfer in batches from the remote sites to Satelindo’s headquarter – reducing the time to minutes, instead of days.


As the largest Communication Service Provider (CSP) in Indonesia, and also one of its largest companies, Telkomsel generates large numbers of projects in order to meet its business plan. Telkomsel wishes to manage and control this flow of projects to make sure that each project is executed in accordance with the category to which it is assigned.

PT. Parit Padang wanting to scale to a higher-performance hardware platform but not sure the amount of memory and the number processors required to meet users’ performance requirement.

Our objective in BRI is to automate and speed up their testing processes. Various testing artifacts (test cases; scripts and datapool) are created and a full-time consultant is on stand-by to help mentor the testing activities.


PT Tristar is logistic and transportation company mainly focusing on its services for the automative industries. With the increasing complexity in customer-handling, Tristar requires a system that will be able to manage the logistical services for its customers.