Software Technology Services

PT. Asimetris Data Sentosa is a leading-edge Information Technology (IT) service delivery company that focuses on the convergence of information. Our software technology focus is in the System Integration (SI) services that unifies all applications into a single Workflow Orchestration Engine that converges into a single interface window for streamlining data viewing. We provide implementation services using major softare brands from IBM, OpenText, MarkLogic, as well as popular Open-Source and other technology vendors.

Knowledge & Skills Building

Our training focus on knowledge and skill building ensuring successful usage of the products that we deliver to end-users.

List of Courses

  • IBM Rational Enterprise Architect
  • IBM Rational FocalPoint
  • IBM Rational TeamConcert
  • IBM Rational Quality Management
  • IBM Rational Software Architect
  • IBM Rational Functional Tester
  • IBM Rational Performance Tester
  • IBM Rational AppScan
  • IBM Rational BuildForge
  • TechServe Web Design and Development with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • TechServe Web Development using CodeIgniter
  • TechServe Web Application using Spring Source
  • TechServe Web Application using Hibernate

Maintenance & Enhancement

Our software is constantly maintained and enhanced - adopting the latest in the framework and operating-systems technology.

Implemented Products

  • AppSecure System Products
  • AppWorkflow Orchestration Engine
  • AppServiceConnect Database Engine
  • AppStyle Graphical User Interface Platform

Software Outsourcing

In order to reduce your development risks, companies had outsourced their development to our site.

Java Application Development Center (JADC)

  • IBM Rational Team Concert
  • IBM Rational Requirement Componser
  • IBM Rational Insight
  • Apache Maven & ANT
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Redhat Jboss
  • Spring Source
  • Hibernate
  • ZK, HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery/JavaScript
  • Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

IT Management

We are the champion of IT Management adopting various standards helping you achieve IT and Business alignment.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Processes & Best Practices
  • Defined Top Level Management Objectives
  • Implementation of Tools and Technology
  • Monitoring & Measurement

Java Developers

Our Java Developers are equipped with all the market required skills and knowledge.

Skills Profile

  • Java Basic Object Programming
  • JSP & Servlet
  • JDBC
  • Apache ANT & MAVEN
  • Hibernate
  • Spring Source