Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Short Introduction to SDLC

Software Development Lifecyle (SDLC) is a term used to describe how a software system is developed and enhanced through cycles of iterations. Each iteration / cycle adds new features as well as fixing the bugs either found by the users or the shortcomings encountered in the previous release.

Focus on Stringent Processes

In order to carry out SDLC, we have a set of specialized consultants to advise your IT management. Our consultants are trained to follow a set of standard processes. Whether you are implementing "Component-Of-The-Shelf" solution or software development, we have the standards that our consultants adhered to. Learning from years of impelementation experience, we continually sharpen our processes to ensure successful implementation. We had adopted various processes, such as Rational Unified Processes (RUP), Agile, Extreme Programming (XP) and the combinations. Our experience tells us that none of these guarantees the sucess - only our experience consultants will be able to make a difference.

Guidelines and Standards

Every artefacts and products that we deliver, we focus on standards that had been accumulated over the years. Our guidelines ensure that standards are followed. Variants from standards will be considered and documented to ensure future projects take into accounts of the differentiations. Our guidelines and standards ensures the finish product modules look the same from the first one to the last one. This includes the system behavior, languages, and other related standards required in the implementation.